What is it?

The short version is you answer ten multiple-choice questions and we deliver you a customized comprehensive report of your coating process viewed through the prism of temperature and viscosity.

The questions essentially walk us through your process from coating storage all the way through finished product

Originally created for clearcoat dispensing, we think you will find it useful regardless of your dispensing process.

You spend approximately three minutes and we will deliver a report specifically tailored to your process.

What you do

Click on the link below and answer ten multiple choice questions related to your coating dispense process.

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What we do

Prepare a report specific to your unique series of answers.

What you get

A comprehensive report stepping through your coating application process. For each step of your process, we will provide tips, suggestions and insights based on our 30 years of experience dealing with coating applications.

How it helps

Your final report will include several helpful items all focused on the impact of temperature and viscosity on your dispensing process. No cost to you.

For over thirty years, Saint Clair Systems has been dedicated to the business of process temperature and viscosity control. It’s the only thing we do and we’re good at it.

The Saint Clair Clearcoat Process Review

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Great first step

If you think there may even be a chance that temperature fluctuations are affecting your process, get some free advice from one of our experts.

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A different perspective

We tour your process using comprehensive checklists, a thermal imaging camera, and a great deal of experience, and generate a report focused on your unique concerns.

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By installing two inline viscosity sensors, we can help quantify how much your viscosity changes during your dispensing process and whether it's worth doing something about.

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Demo Decision

Try out a solution

Either it works for your process or it doesn't. Our team will install a system in your plant and with actual field performance you get to decide with Your Process, Your Data and Your Results.

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Coating Command

Rapid results process

Using our proprietary process for installation, integration, and optimization our experts will work with your team until you get the results that you expect.

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Control Calculator

How do you rate?

We identify ten key categories and ask you to self-score your process. Learn whether your process is a liability and if so, what to do about it.

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Free tools and more

Case studies, articles, videos, troubleshooting guides and a whole lot more. Check it out and let us know if there is anything else you would like to see.

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