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Giving Customers a Competitive Edge

As an industry leader in developing fluid process control systems and viscosity control applications, Saint Clair Systems delivers the technology and solutions that improve our customers' bottom lines.

Our patented technologies and processes enhance performance as well as temperature and viscosity control through all phases of fluid delivery. With our systems in place, our customers routinely recognize reductions in scrap, rejects, rework, solvent use, labor and harmful VOC emissions.

Temperature, Viscosity and Fluid Process Control


Our expertise lies in the unique challenges posed by automated dispense coating, sealing, gluing, finishing, and printing operations – just to name a few. We've pioneered – and continue to develop – innovative technologies and processes that provide temperature and viscosity control scenarios involving:

  • Intermittent material flow
  • Variation in ambient temperatures and system pressure
  • Specified per-cycle applied-material volumes
  • The need for automatic transition between heating and cooling
  • Indefinite maintenance of material temperatures from tank to dispensing nozzle



Solving Production Problems


With the combined resources and expertise of Saint Clair Systems and Norcross Viscosity Controls, we are able to effectively transform any major productivity issues your coating or printing operation encounters. Here is an industry-by-industry illustration of how Saint Clair Systems delivers a rapid and impressive ROI.

Customers around the world, from Fortune 500 giants to niche-market startups, have entrusted us with the design, production, installation, and service of their fluid temperature and viscosity control for their fluid processing systems.

Our diverse customer base relies on our temperature and viscosity control expertise for such applications as:

  • Automotive and industrial paint
  • Sealer and adhesive dispensing
  • Anti-corrosion coatings
  • Protective coatings
  • Industrial finishing
  • Roll and coil-coating processes
  • Printing operations