AT-5900 Temperature Control Unit

Monitor & maintain material temperature during painting, finishing, or coating operations.


The AT-5900 Temperature Control Unit provides an effective method to monitor and maintain material temperature by heating or cooling fluids during operations.

The TCU heats, cools and circulates the closed-loop conditioning water through heat exchangers and ancillary components to ensure proper temperature of the coating material throughout production.

A temperature sensor located in the coating fluid stream sends the material temperature to the PID controller, which automatically determines whether heating, cooling, or no action is required.

The AT-5900 temperature control unit can be customized to meet specific production requirements for size, heat exchanger mounting, and pump volume

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Eliminate the Costly Effects of Temperature Variations Occurring During the Day or Between Seasons.


As temperature increases, viscosity decreases and vice versa. While automotive and industrial pain has a magnitudinal shift from 50-350 cps, the for sealers & adhesives is much higher: running from 30,000 to 1 million cps!

What’s more, this change happens right in the middle of the ambient range - between 18 & 26C. If you’re having trouble with your sealer application, temperature could very likely be the culprit.

AT-5900 Product Details

  • Self-contained Temperature Control System
  • Available in single & dual circuit designs
  • Available in “Heat Only” or “Heat & Cool” designs
  • All votages & CE versions available
  • Up to 15,000 btu/hr Heating
  • Up to 6,000 btu/hr Cooling
  • Ideal for most paint, sealant, or adhesive applications
  • Designed to control the temperature of fluides within +/1F
  • Compatible with all Saint Clair Systems heat exchangers & peripherals

 Product Peripherals

The AT-5900 is a core part of a system designed to keep material temperature managed and costs under control. These components comprise a functional material control solution. Contact us for a free process evaluation and we can help you determine what components will help you accomplish your goals.


Water Traced Covers

Covers flexible hoses or other devices in order to protect the temperature of temperature-sensitive materials flowing through your dispense system.

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Water Jacketed Hose

This patented hose turns the material supply hose into a flexible heat exchanger. It senses temperature in the material stream and maintains temperature - even if the flow stops.

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Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger

This patented heat exchanger is perfect for controlled motion applications, such as painting & sealing applications. Compatible with both gun and bell dispensing systems, it’s easily replaced in the field, minimizing operational disruption.

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Profile Traced Cover

Turn your header into a heat exchanger with this patented peripheral. It can be installed quickly & easily - even during production - and helps to moderate temperature from the source to the point of dispense.

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